Our VGTR Loans

Every game we see is different and thus each requires a unique approach and bespoke loan terms.

Our team’s extensive experience means they are able to apply this unique approach in a fast and friendly manner to analyse, process and issue loan terms and get money into your account quickly.

Developer applies for a VGTR interim Certificate by completing the BFI Cultural test.

Developer contacts TGB and we perform due diligence on your project and discuss loan terms.

TGB will issue the agreed loan terms for the developer to sign and return, once signed the loan will be deposited in the developer's bank account.

Developer applies for a final certificate from the BFI to claim VGTR in the company’s annual accounts.

The annual accounts of the company are completed along with the Corporation tax return which includes VGTR claim.

HMRC remit the agreed VGTR amount to The Games Begin. After loan repayment and interest remaining monies are returned to the developer.