Here's When Destiny Releases It's New Raid

The race for King's Fall begins soon.

Destiny's newest raid, King's Fall, will release Sept. 18, three days after Destiny launches The Taken King expansion.

King's Fall, according to Bungie, will be the game's biggest raid yet. It will revolve around the Hive King Oryx, and his evil presence in our solar system, said Taken King creative director Luke Smith. "The raid is really the culmination of that story." The newest footage, which Bungie showed off during a live stream today, showed the guardians fighting their way through the Dreadnaught, a new area included in The Taken King.

This marks the third raid since Destiny's release in September of last year. Vault of Glass and Crota's End marked some of the hardest missions in Bungie's multiplayer shooter, although some managed to beat the content all by themselves.

Bungie is also releasing a major patch on Sept. 8. It will replace the voice acting of Peter Dinklage with that of prolific voice actor Nolan North, and also retool weapon balancing, bounties, and characters' light level.

GameSpot has a wide array of Destiny coverage coming in the next few weeks, including both that patch and Taken King content. Stay tuned.