About The Games Begin

  • We loan against your UK Video Games Tax Relief claim.

  • This loan can be made against the money you have spent developing a game, or money you intend to spend developing a game.

  • We have criteria you must fulfill and we must perform our due diligence, but we act quickly and accurately to loan you the maximum amount possible.

  • TGB is supported by Nyman Libson Paul entertainment and media accountants, and experts in UK Creative Industry Tax Reliefs.

  • Our industry leading team are very experienced in processing, claiming and maximising your VGTR claim amongst other accounting, tax and business services we can provide.

This all provides you, the developers, with capital to continue developing or to begin marketing your game sooner in the development process. Helping ‘The Games Begin’ quickly and successfully.

About UK Video Games Tax Relief

From the 1st April 2014 Creative Industry Tax Relief was extended into the Video Games industry having already been successfully introduced in Film, TV and Animation.

It is estimated that the relief will be worth an extra £188m in inward investment between 2014 and 2019.

Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) applies to UK registered companies and operates in a similar manner to UK Film Tax Relief.

For a company to claim VGTR they must be responsible for the designing, producing and testing the video game, OR directly negotiating, contracting and paying for rights, goods and services in relation to the video game. For a game to qualify it must have been intended to be supplied to the public when development commenced i.e. a project cannot be ‘switched’ into becoming a game just to claim VGTR.

It should also be noted games for advertising or gambling purposes are also ineligible for VGTR.

All ‘core expenditure’ is eligible for VGTR, with at least 25% of this having to be expenditure in the UK.

As with Film Tax Credit, VGTR projects must satisfy a cultural test to qualify for relief which is certificated by the BFI. In total, UK video game businesses can now claim back 25% of 80% of their total eligible game production costs, the same as Film. This will be paid back as a tax credit to the games company following a successful claim to HMRC.

The Games Begin and Nyman Libson Paul are in an unrivalled position to assist companies throughout this process.

Our VGTR Loans

Every game we see is different and thus each requires a unique approach and bespoke loan terms.

Our team’s extensive experience means they are able to apply this unique approach in a fast and friendly manner to analyse, process and issue loan terms and get money into your account quickly.

Developer applies for a VGTR interim Certificate by completing the BFI Cultural test.

Developer contacts TGB and we perform due diligence on your project and discuss loan terms.

TGB will issue the agreed loan terms for the developer to sign and return, once signed the loan will be deposited in the developer's bank account.

Developer applies for a final certificate from the BFI to claim VGTR in the company’s annual accounts.

The annual accounts of the company are completed along with the Corporation tax return which includes VGTR claim.

HMRC remit the agreed VGTR amount to The Games Begin. After loan repayment and interest remaining monies are returned to the developer.

Nyman Libson Paul

Nyman Libson Paul are the leading advisors to the UK Entertainment & Media industry. Over the years they have looked after some of the biggest and brightest stars and projects in the Film, TV, Music and Theatre sectors which continues to this day. Their knowledge and expertise have developed into the Animation, Video Games and Digital sectors as NLP continue to evolve with their client base. Nyman Libson Paul have successfully completed many film and TV tax credit claims, and recently the first ever successfully concluded Animation and Theatre tax credit claims, along with VGTR claims also.

Goldfinch Entertainment

Goldfinch Entertainment represents the gold standard in entertainment and media investment. As Executive Producers / Consultants on all projects, they structure each in a bespoke manner, selecting only the most commercially appealing with the best returns following strict due diligence for individuals looking for SEIS, EIS, GAP, Private Equity and Offshore investment opportunities. In 2014 Goldfinch raised over £22 million and now have a roster of over 90 projects spanning all the creative industries.

The Movies Begin

The filmic twin of TGB - 'The Movies Begin' is a reference to the famous early filmmaker Georges Méliès, who was best known for ‘The Impossible Voyage’ (1904) and ‘A Trip to the Moon’ (1902). His innovative style and cinematic vision provided the inspiration for The Movies Begin and the aim to make the seemingly impossible journey of film finance a reality. The Movies Begin work alongside the producer and members of the production team to provide film finance through UK film producer tax credits and by cash flowing VAT elements of the production. They simply and efficiently make The Movies Begin.  As every production and project is different they bespoke their services to each one, allowing for a flexible and pragmatic approach to getting your film green lit. The Movies Begin have loaned over £15 million since launching in 2014, all paid back successfully.


Authentic Media Group is a media finance consultancy with many years experience of servicing various types of media financing arrangements. Managed by CEO Adam Betteridge, AMG’s team members have played various crucial roles in the successful financing of nearly 60 media productions and co-productions with aggregate budgets of over £250million. AMG’s activities also include assessment of a project’s potential, management processes, structuring finance strategies and mitigating risk. AMG’s clients include high net worth individuals and wealth managers, as well as various media industry companies and professionals.


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